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Malcolm X

Jr.cE.sA.r (Junior Mthombeni, Cesar Janssens & Fikry El Azzouzi) / KVS
Fri 22.03.2019 - Mon 14.12.2020

Malcolm X has always remained a source of inspiration and controversy. In his powerful statements, and with an undeniable charisma, he demanded equal rights and stood up for his Islamic beliefs. His eventful life and trenchant speeches still appeal to the imagination, and such topics as identity, activism and religion are very much on the agenda right now.

The multilingual theatre-concert production Malcolm X involves exceptional collaboration by performers from Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, London and elsewhere. They translate the story of Malcolm X’s struggle to today’s city through such urban art forms as slam poetry and hip hop. At the same time they take a close look at his legacy and at contemporary society.

Malcolm X has been selected for Theaterfestival 2017. What the jury said:

Because of the gratifying collective energy of the actors, slammers and musicians. Because of the unprecedented interaction between confronting and seducing the audience, which ultimately resulted in a standing ovation. Because of the multifaceted updating of an underexposed canon, precisely because many other voices are to be heard. Malcolm X is a festive cross-examination that moves everyone.

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