Mon 07.10.2019 18:00 - 20:30
KVS, Brussels
18:00 - 20:30
Past event

Scientists and artists are the visionaries of society - they stick their necks out. Once again KVS and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) organise Mindblowers and give the stage over to their voices and heartbeats.  

For the third year running, VUB and KVS kick off the new season / academic year together - a powerful signal to show that both institutions are serious when it comes to engagement with and for society. Because tomorrow’s society won’t be built on today's agreement but on dialogue that seeks out connections. 

Artists and scientists will explore one theme in short, fiery, surprising interventions. This year that theme is TIME, in all its aspects and interpretations: how times change, or how everything returns, what time teaches us, and how we can capture it in art or science.

These are performances and interventions at the intersection of art, culture and thought - an evening that will no doubt become a mind-blowing party - with silent disco by PILAR (KultuurKaffee) in our Café Brazza. 

The evening will be seasoned with mouthblowing appetizers - generously offered by state-of-the-art chefs: Bakery Charli, Atelier Dierendonck, Umamido and Fromagerie Catherine.

You can no longer register online, but swing by on Monday and maybe you can still get a seat. We also provide a streaming of the entire event in our bar.


PART 1 - 18:00 > 19:10

Frank Scheelings - Frank Scheelings, archivist at the VUB, dives into the archives and uncovers the shared history of VUB and KVS.

Niels De Winter - Time is relative; paleo-climatologist and VUB-scholar Niels De Winter summarizes the history of our universe in 1 day.

Jeroen Van Herzeele - Tenor-saxophonist Jeroen Van Herzeele is averse to stagnation. His wanderings outside jazz led him to Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Canada, the USA and large parts of Europe and Africa. Now they lead him to Mindblowers, together with piano player Fabian Fiorini.

Carme Portaceli - Director and artistic leader of Teatro Español in Madrid, Carme Portaceli, is a convinced feminist. In the Spanish theatre landscape, she is carrying out a silent and necessary revolution. After Spain, it’s time for Mindblowers.

Luc De Vuyst - Sourdough bread, beer, kombucha… Time assures us that we can enjoy all these delicacies. Luc De Vuyst, professor at the VUB, provides an in-depth exploration of fermentation processes.


PART 2 - 19:30 > 20:45

Hala El Moussawi - Hala El Moussawi researches the various phases of waiting and the notion of objective and subjective time in people passing through an asylum process.

Mesut Alp – Archaeologist Mesut Alp takes you on a journey through myths and legends.

Fien Leysen - For Fien Leysen, time is by definition too short and too scarce. Every sentence and every image is an attempt to go against that transitoriness. This at times desperate quest is what she’d love to share with you.

Mesut Arslan - Theatre artist and storyteller Mesut Arslan gives a sample of his latest theatre show in progress Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Fredo De Smet - Author of Articifial Stupidity and curator of Hello, Robot. and Media Fast Forward Fredo De Smet advocates digital humanism. The integration of time in all our technologies deserves an open debate.

Les Mybalés - Rising stars in the theatre firmament, Les Mybalés cast their spells on time and space, not in words but in hypnotic dance movements.

Jan Meeus & Lise Vermeersch, respectively chief editor of the student magazine Moeial and former president of the student council, will guide you through this sparkling night in which time will be turned upside down.

OPEN BAR & SILENT DISCO - 20:45 > 23:00

© Jean Cosyn