Sergiu Matis
Wed 11.12.2019 20:30 - 21:30
KVS, Brussels
20:30 - 21:30
Past event

Nocturne for broken vocal cords is part of Sergiu Matis's Noise Nocturnes, a series of performances and texts that revisit the romantic genre in its fascination for the night and darkness, imitating nature and flirting with folklore.  

In this passionate solo performance, Sergiu Matis mixes elements of his personal history with fragments of the history of western dance. By learning from machines, playing with the English language and flirting with poetry, theory and sounds, he searches for a new kind of virtuosity. Performative text and choreographic semantics go hand in hand. 

Matis, a dancer-choreographer, was born in Cluj-Napoc, Romania, and started dancing professionally when he moved to Nuremburg. He has been living in Berlin since 2008 and has worked with Sasha Waltz & Guests, Colette Sadler and Jee-Ae Lim. In 2014, he completed a Masters in Solo/Dance/ Authorship at the HZT. Matis has performed in Berlin, Bucharest, Seoul and Tokyo. Nocturne for Broken Vocal Cords is the latest example of his artistic approach to dance as 'the visible thinking body'. 

In this solo show, Matis' voice dances as much as his body.

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