© Amira Daoudi
Fri 04.09.2020 - Fri 30.04.2021


Bruno Vanden Broecke & Valentijn Dhaenens / KVS

Jonathan promises to be a bizarre, poetic piece – a strange conversation between a robot and the audience. An evening full of wonder and doubt about what it means to be human and to confront the superhuman. 

Jonathan is a humanoid, developed by an international Artificial Intelligence team. The driving force behind the team, Robert Van Buyten, a brilliant A.I. specialist, is a world authority on ‘deep learning’. Jonathan is presented to an audience who are more used to attending cultural events. 

Welcoming you into this someone’s land are two KVS faces: Bruno Vanden Broecke and Valentijn Dhaenens. Twenty years ago they gave life to their company, SkaGeN; now they join forces once more to create this brand new piece, in which they also perform. 


VAN & MET / DE & AVEC / BY & WITH Bruno Vanden Broecke & Valentijn Dhaenens PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION KVS
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