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Just as long as you are there

Nadine Baboy, Sarah Deppe, Alex Akuete, Briana Ashley Stuart, Matteo Sedda
Tue 15.09.2020 - Thu 17.09.2020

When KVS put out an open call for dance solos, over 110 creatives responded. On 15 September 2020 the four chosen young dance creators will be showing their work on the KVS outdoor stage: the American dancer Briana Ashley Stuart, Sarah Deppe from France (in collaboration with Timothé Chams Yaddolahi), Antwerp-based dancer with Nigerian roots Alex Akuete, and Matteo Sedda from Italy (in collaboration with Alessandra Ferreri & Joshua Vanhaverbeke/Vitamina). Brussels dancer, choreographer and KVS face Nadine Baboy will also perform her new creation.

"Calling out around the world Are you ready for a brand new beat? Summer's here and the time is right For dancing in the street Dancing in the street"

- David Bowie & Mick Jagger

Just as Long as You Are There is a programme with five short but powerful solos in open air. It is an invitation for artists and audience to meet once again on the back square of KVS BOL, after countless artists saw their planned activities cancelled in the last months and cultural life ground to a halt.

The overarching title of the programme is a wink to the infectious hit song Dancing in the Street. It serves as an invitation to celebrate coming together in the public space. A place where stepping, poetry, hip hop and contemporary dance meet.

With one ticket you can see multiple dance solos! 

17:00: Sarah Deppe / Alex Akuete / Briana Stuart / Matteo Sedda / Nadine Baboy 
20:00: Sarah Deppe / Matteo Sedda / Briana Stuart / Nadine Baboy
17:00: Sarah Deppe / Briana Stuart / Alex Akuete / Nadine Baboy 
20:00: Sarah Deppe / Matteo Sedda / Alex Akuete / Nadine Baboy


We partner with Buenos Aires-based LODO, a platform that has been working since 2014 to develop contemporary performing arts to foster exchange, creation and mobility projects in Latin America and beyond. This partnership results in an online collaboration where the Argentinean public will have free access to the livestream of Just as long as you are there on September 15 with five dance solos from the following artists: Nadine Baboy, Alex Akuete, Briana Ashley Stuart, Matteo Sedda and Sarah Deppe.

The cast

Alex Akuete

For ( PARADOX ), Alex Akuete starts from his motto “Everything is everything and nothing at the same time”. His solo project is an expression of an exploration around good or bad, right or wrong. He is interested in the dynamic through which he often contradicts his own truths yet keeps believing in the existence of those truths.

Briana Stuart

In the interactive solo performance Becoming Together, Briana utilizes the movement and energy of Stepping, a traditional African American dance form, to explore and create a live cultural exchange. Her focus on connection and rhythm will encourage audience participation and challenge the possibilities of body music. 

Matteo Sedda, Alessandra Ferreri & Joshua Vanhaverbeke / Vitamina

Never Stop Scrolling Baby evokes an endless act of scrolling, of cascading events, of an obese information nation, of TikTok-culture, of tearing down statues, of HYPE after HYPE after HYPE, of all the violent stimuli we endure and assimilate every single day until we paradoxically don't have any identity left.

Nadine Baboy

In Un Nouveau Souffle, Nadine Baboy explores how dance can speak and how words can be turned into movement. Movement that lends a new breath to a world in a forced state of breathlessness. Un Nouveau Souffle rises from chaos to bring light among the darkness. Language flows into movement and tells a new story, one that writes itself into history with a capital H.

Sarah Deppe

In Time Out, the body surrenders to an omnipresent temporariness. Notions of arrangement, adaptation, harmonisation and programming intermingle in this intense dialogue between a performer and a sound designer. From improvisations to a beat, these two aesthetes of time develop a unique composition method: an attempt to master timing in a space outside of time.


"Nadine Baboy clôture le programme avec un solo démarrant sur l'image forte de ses poignets collés l'un à l'autre, comme entravés. Et une voix qui souffle, souffre et finit par lâcher "I can't breathe". Danse de combat, danse de revendication mais danse par-dessus tout avec un bel envol où la grâce et la liberté parviennent à s'imposer par-dessus la violence."

- Le Soir 


VAN & MET / DE & AVEC / BY & WITH Nadine Baboy, Sarah Deppe (in collaboration with Timothé Chams Yaddolahi), Alex Akuete, Matteo Sedda (in collaboration with Alessandra Ferreri & Joshua Vanhaverbeke), Briana Ashley Stuart


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