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Tue 15.09.2020 - Thu 17.09.2020

Just as long as you are there

Nadine Baboy & ...

In more normal times, the square behind our theatre is often filled with trucks loading and unloading props, backdrops and bits of tech. Today, we are freeing up that square to make space for artists who let their bodies do the talking. With the open skies as part of the lighting design, the city as scenography – and solo performances, short and powerful, combined in surprising double bills.

One of the names we can already release is the Brussels dancer and choreographer Nadine Baboy. Normally she would have been making waves at theatre festivals in Ostend and Mons this summer in L’Homme de La Mancha. Instead, she is creating a multidisciplinary solo using all the different forms of expression that make up her identity as an artist: from hip hop to dancehall, from traditional African dances to poetry.

Like Baboy, many artists have seen their entire summer schedule cancelled – but that doesn’t stop inspiration and creativity. Many performers are completely immersed in the task of reinventing their artistic practices for the current situation. That’s why, instead of pre-filling this solo programme, we have launched an open call: an invitation for artists and audiences to (re-)encounter each other on our back square.

With our open call we reached far beyond our usual networks and encountered countless talented performers and strong projects. No less than 110 artists sent us a proposal! We chose four projects, which will be supported with a residency and a wage. Besides KVS face Nadine Baboy, the artists Sarah Deppe (with Timothé Chams Yaddolahi), Alex Akuete, Matteo Sedda (with Alessandra Ferreri & Joshua Vanhaverbeke/Vitamina) and Briana Ashley Stuart will be working on a new solo creation for the outdoor stage on our back square this summer. 

With one ticket you can see three dance solos! Discover the triple bills:

17:00: Sarah Deppe / Alex Akuete / Nadine Baboy 
20:00: Sarah Deppe / Matteo Sedda / Nadine Baboy
17:00: Sarah Deppe / Briana Stuart / Nadine Baboy 
20:00: Sarah Deppe / Matteo Sedda / Nadine Baboy

Calling out around the world
Are you ready for a brand new beat?
Summer's here and the time is right
For dancing in the street

Dancing in the street - David Bowie & Mick Jagger


VAN & MET / DE & AVEC / BY & WITH Nadine Baboy, Sarah Deppe (in collaboration with Timothé Chams Yaddolahi), Alex Akuete, Matteo Sedda (in collaboration with Alessandra Ferreri & Joshua Vanhaverbeke), Briana Ashley Stuart
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