Tue 12.10.2021 18:00 - 21:30
KVS, Brussels
18:00 - 21:30
Past event

Mindblowers is sold out, but be sure to come to KVS the evening of the event. As of 1 hour before the start, you can write your name on the waiting list and you can still get in.

Scientists and artists are the visionaries of society. They stick their necks out. To give that voice and heartbeat a stage, KVS and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) created Mindblowers. Expect performances at the crossroads of arts, culture and reflection.

This year, academics and artists claim their place on stage for an evening. They investigate the boundlessness and boundaries of space and place. In recent times, our space has become both smaller and larger: we were more confined to our homes than ever, but we could also travel further than ever to virtual and digital locations.

Some places have helped shape history, territories have been claimed, sacred ground has been invoked. The place where you grow up has an undeniable impact on your future. Artists also have to deal with limitations in space, both physical and symbolic. Because what does it mean to share space or to demand your rightful place, to ask for space for your story, to move on certain ground? Does space feel different depending on your gender, your history, your traumas or your passions?

How do the media help decide your place in society? In which places do certain crops grow well and do humans and animals thrive? How can microscopically small beings help us investigate whether we could live on another planet one day?

A boundless and profound theme guaranteed to bring us another evening full of exciting and urgent interventions, performed by a mix of scientists and artists. Students Marit Galle and Lisa Ahenkona serve as masters of ceremony for the evening.

Find the list of inspiring speakers shortly!

The guests

  • Astronaut and VUB Fellow Frank De Winne takes you on a unique journey into space.
  • Evolutionary biologist Karine Van Doninck and artist Angelo Vermeulen introduce you to the smallest multicellular organisms on our planet in a very special and sensory way. The All Single Ladies with a very large arsenal of exceptional characteristics.
  • Award-winning documentary filmmaker Irene Gutiérrez explores the meaning of space and time in cinema.
  • Koert Debeuf takes you to the magical world of 9th century Baghdad, where the Renaissance really began.
  • Venezuelan human rights activist Lorent Saleh demonstrates the meaning of space in detention.
  • Keeping the finger on the pulse, Rosamunde van Brakel takes a critical look at our surveillance society and crime control.
  • Seppe Baeyens and dancers from Leon vzw invite you to be part of a spatial composition.
  • Andie Dushime is a performer who will explore the meaning of space through sound.

“Place is security, space is freedom.”

Yi-Fu Tuan (humanistische geograaf)


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