Josefina Gorostiza
Thu 25.11.2021 - Fri 26.11.2021

In Precarizada, Josefina Gorostiza characterises the precarious balancing act of the artist. While she gives her all on stage, the auditorium is filled with the voice of actor Nicolás Goldschmidt. Together they sketch out the meandering path of every creative. The juxtaposition of dedication and passion versus a paradoxically insecure future comes to the fore. A race against time develops. Gorostiza pushes her body to the limits, seemingly untiring – but at what cost?

Josefina Gorostiza is an Argentine director, choreographer, performer and lecturer. Her research focuses on the body’s possibilities and its incredible creative powers. She earned a master’s degree in Choreographic Composition from the National Arts University of Argentina and is currently doing a master’s degree in scenic composition and visual culture at the Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid). She has received various grants from amongst others the Argentine National Art Fund, Pro-danza Institute and the Biennial of Young Art, and she has taken part in festivals in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belgium, Italy, the UK and Spain.


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