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Red - The Sorrows of Belgium III: Hellhole

Luk Perceval / NTGent
Fri 27.05.2022 - Sat 28.05.2022

In the trilogy The Sorrows of Belgium, director Luk Perceval zooms in on the Belgian tricolour and on three darker moments in Belgian history: the exploitation of Congo under Leopold II in Black, the collaboration with the German occupier during World War II in Yellow. And with RED he  the terrorist attacks in Brussel in Red.

On 22 March 2016, 35 people were killed and 340 wounded in bombings in Brussels and Zaventem. The bombers were fighters linked to the terrorist group IS who had returned to Belgium from Syria. They used nail bombs to create as many casualties as possible. The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Royal Palace of Amsterdam were temporarily lit up in the colours of the Belgian flag as an expression of sympathy.

Is Brussels really a ‘hellhole’, as the American president Trump once claimed? Why were more IS fighters recruited in Brussels than anywhere else?


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