El Magico If

País clandestino International Company
Sat 27.11.2021 16:00 - 17:00
KVS, Brussels
16:00 - 17:00
Past event

El Mágico If considers the future, not only in fatalistic terms, but also in terms of opportunities. 

In their previous work País Clandestino the company País Clandestino based themselves on the past in order to understand the present, asking themselves who they are by looking into their own political and family heritage as well as their particular countries contexts. 

In El Mágico If they explore the continuous present to imagine possible futures. Utopian and dystopian futures. Futures from a present where the world is once again approaching authoritarianism and where a pandemic is an opportunity to think politically and artistically. To reflect on the struggles of their generation from the present. Also from the future of their children already born, and of the children to come based on what our society leaves them and what they will show to us. 

In 2014, at Lincoln Center’s Director’s Lab, in New York, the authors and directors Maëlle Poesy (France), Jorge Eiro (Argentina), Lucía Miranda (Spain), Pedro Granato (Brazil) and Florencia Lindner (Uruguay) met each other. That experience and the artistic and political points of view diversity made them pursue the exchanges for another two years via Skype appointments, email and other media. Each time they met, they talked about their theatrical practices, the artistic and political context of their countries and fantasized about the idea of making a five-hands project. Four years later, their first project País Clandestino was created as a co-production of the Buenos Aires International Festival and with great success it has taken part in festivals and theatres in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and France.


AUTHORS & DIRECTORS Florencia Lindner (Uruguay), Jorge Eiro (Argentina), Pedro Granato (Brazil), Lucía Miranda (Spain) and Maëlle Poesy (France)