Aiku’è Zepé

Zahy Guajajara (BRA)
Sat 27.11.2021 14:00 - 15:00
KVS, Brussels
14:00 - 15:00
Past event

During Proximamente, you can attend the video Screening of Aiku’è Zepé and an aftertalk with the artist about her new projects. She will be connected on live streaming from Brazil. 

Aiku’è Zepé is a project that was born from the need to manifest the artist's concerns as a body and an indigene woman struggling to survive the chaos left by "civilization".

The narrative emerges from the earth, representing the birth of a genuine being in symbiosis with nature, body and nature as inseparable beings that will go through a process of searching for identity.

Zahy Guajajara: Zahy (moon), is from the Tentehar-Guajajara people, born in Aldeia Colônia, Cana Brava Indigenous Reserve in Maranhão. Zahy is an artist who is plural and a river that flows between worlds, genuine and self-taught '' Art-ivist''. Inside her artistic plurality is the art of questioning human truths, acting, singing, writing and performing, and believes that art has the power to communicate and transform. Zahy expresses herself through her art to defend indigenous people and causes from those with ill-intent.  She communicates in her first language, the Ze'eng eté dialect of the Tupi-Guarani trunk and in Portuguese. Currently she is dedicated to learning English.


Artist Zahy Guajajara Director Mariana Villas Boas

Zahy will be doing a residency programme for exploring a work in progress at CASA London Festival in 2022 as part of PROXIMAMENTE