Some Years of Voetvolk


2 February to 20 March at AB, Bozar and KVS


2022 marks the fifteenth anniversary of Voetvolk, the dance company conceived by Lisbeth Gruwez and Maarten Van Cauwenberghe. Of course, that’s cause for celebration: not with a ‘best of’, but with a celebration of the present and the future. Voetvolk presents the premiere of a concert performance, an exhibition and three dance performances, in collaboration with three Brussels cultural institutions: Ancienne Belgique, Bozar and KVS. A unique partnership to honour a very special birthday.

In order to make the 2022 anniversary a real party, Voetvolk is calling on various partners. After a fifteen-year trip, the company thinks it’s no more than appropriate to invite the audience to join the birthday celebrations, and above all: to dance together.

The party kicks off at Bozar with Penelope, a video installation around a dance solo by Lisbeth Gruwez, for which Voetvolk joined forces with photographer and artist Dirk Braeckman. Piano Works Debussy, a collaboration between Gruwez and lauded pianist Claire Chevallier, will also be performed at Bozar. Due to current COVID-19 regulations around audience capacity, we are still hard at work to find a suitable date for this performance that will allow as many visitors as possible to enjoy the creation. An announcement will follow on bozar.be as soon as possible. At AB, they get the party going with Into the Open, a concert performance where seven performers embody the groove and the music (think krautrock 2021 edition, or The Chemical Brothers’ high voltage). And of course KVS, (dance) partner since the very beginning, is also enjoying a slice of the cake: Voetvolk will be performing their celebrated Lisbeth Gruwez Dances Bob Dylan and Everybody Dances Bob Dylan. The latter performance will be extra special, because Voetvolk is inviting viewers to perform their own very best version of a Dylan choreography.


Voetvolk at cruising speed 

Fifteen years ago, Voetvolk galloped onto our cultural landscape. Dancer and choreographer Lisbeth Gruwez and musician and sound designer Maarten Van Cauwenberghe took a leap of faith and created their own company. In the last fifteen years, Voetvolk has created around a dozen performances, which they have toured nationally and internationally. Voetvolk’s creative process is characterised by improvisation, performative elements, a detailed visual imagination and a nuanced but sharp dialogue between dance and sound design. Gruwez and Van Cauwenberghe fire each other up, with the aim to arrive at a perfect symbiosis between the auditory and the visual/physical. This process has resulted in gems such as It’s Going to get Worse and Worse and Worse, My Friend, AH/HA, We’re Pretty Fucking Far from Okay, The Sea Within, Piano Works Debussy, … The company has travelled around half the world with its performances and received praise wherever it went: Voetvolk has been selected for the Festival d’Avignon, Julidans, Tanz im August, Dance Umbrella and the Venice Biennial.


Save the date

Perspreview Penelope @Bozar
02.02.2022 - 11h00


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