Jaco Van Dormael is a Belgian filmmaker and director. 

Jaco Van Dormael is a Belgian filmmaker and director. After his film studies (recording techniques and film production) at INSAS in Brussels and École Louis-Lumière in Paris, he worked as a stage director before entering the world of film.

In 1991 he presented his first feature film Toto le héros to the world. It earned him the César for Best Foreign Film and the Caméra d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. For his film Le Huitième Jour, he received the 1996 Plateau Prize and a Golden Globe nomination. His third feature Mr. Nobody dates from 2009, followed by Le Tout Nouveau Testament in 2015.

With Kiss and Cry, Cold Blood and Amor, the director and his wife, choreographer Michèle-Anne De Mey once again choose the medium of theatre, although many ingeniously used film techniques are involved in the performance.Since 2016 Jaco Van Dormael has been part of the open ensemble at KVS.


“I wanted to be a chef, or an inventor of flying bicycles. In the end I became a director, the ideal job for those who don’t yet know what they want to be when they grow up."


13.05.2017 - De Standaard Weekblad - 'Simpelweg in leven zijn, dat is zo vervullend'

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