De Kantelingen

A podcast full of life and change from the neighbourhood around KVS

Our world today stands at the bottom of a slope. One foot still on good old solid ground, one foot dangling in mid-air, about to explore unfamiliar terrain. A global pandemic forces us to transform. But isn’t that a feeling we all know? A big or small occurrence, a look, a gesture, … usually not much is needed to bring us to a tipping point – one that may or may not prove decisive for our futures.
KVS and Brussel Behoort Ons Toe dragged a microphone around the KVS neighbourhood and got talking to a whole host of locals. Every one of them told us about moments that changed their lives, whether surreptitiously or spectacularly. De Kantelingen presents the story of a different neighbour each week. You will meet Huseyin, Sarah, Aïcha, Emilie, Freddy, Daniël, Benjamin, Octavia, and the youngsters who frequent JH Chicago. They talk about the small and big changes that have influenced their lives and the neighbourhood.

Brussels illustrator Sophie Ung quite literally coloured De Kantelingen: she interweaved the stories in this neighbourhood epic into a magnificent painting on the KVS balcony.