Le vide

Les Mybalés & Ester Nadal / KVS, Walpurgis & MAP


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In November of 2019, the Barcelona-based theatre creator and director Ester Nadal attended a few works in progress during WIPCOOP – Work in Progress Cooperation, organised by Mestizo Arts Platform (MAP). One of the creations completely blew her away: the project presented by dancing twins Nathalie en Doris Bokongo Nkumu (aka Les Mybalés). Mestizo Arts Platform brought the two parties in contact and the project Le vide took a start in February of 2020. In February 2024 it’s finally time to present their joint creation at KVS.

In Le vide, Les Mybalés and Spanish director Ester Nadal explore the possibilities of creating a joint empty space through sound. The sort of emptiness that arises when a major event tears people from their routines and forces them to stand still, creating a sort of in-between. The moment when everything seems possible, because all codes and frameworks that we subconsciously conform to in everyday life have suddenly disappeared. How can you capture such a moment in sound? How can such a monumental event of formidable emptiness be reconstructed in the deep tones of an instrument?


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Sébastien Parizel
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​​Saskia Liénard
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Catherine Vervaecke
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