The Arena Rodrigo case against Contemporary Dance

Rodrigo Arena (AR)
Thu 25.11.2021 and Sat 27.11.2021

As part of Proximamente programme, Rodrigo Arena will carry out a research and development of his new work in progress held between the Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires and KVS. 

The artist redoubled the bet, offering his life in exchange for the consideration of his complaints, beginning the exposition of his cause. The artist's allegations are not considered valid by the Board, and Rodrigo is shot to death. The story of the trial will then be traversed by the hallucinations of the artist's soul, who will try to achieve peace and redemption in order to rise to heaven. Not obtaining it, he is sent to descend into hell towards the end of the work.

The audience will attend the work in progress version of this performance and an after talk with the artist after each show. 

Rodrigo Arena is an Argentinian stage artist. In his artistic work he questions the aesthetic monopoly and the intellectual principles of contemporary art. He works in the fields of dance, performance and writing. In 2019 he got the award for Best Director at La Bienal de Arte Joven (AR) and was invited to be part of the Argentinian delegation of stage directors at the Avignon festival in France. He was a member of the Performance Art Laboratory at the San Martín Theater of Buenos Aires and worked as an actor in the play Don Gil de las calzas verdes, at the Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires.

In 2015 Arena wrote the personal diary My days without Victory (Mis días sin Victoria) and staged a play based on the same, participating in various national and international festivals, such as the International Theater Festival of Buenos Aires (AR), Santiago OFF(CH), El Aleph (MEX) and La Bienal de Arte Joven (AR). He was granted numerous production support form institutions such as CC Recoleta, Instituto Prodanza and Fondo Nacional de las Artes.

He also directed the works How to explain art to a dead hare in 2059, The Martyr, Il Morto Qui Parla, Parrhesia in exile, Frustrated interviews with successful dancers (a.o.).  


DIRECTOR & AUTHOR Rodrigo Arena PERFORMER IN BRUSSELS Eugenia Lapadula PERFORMERS IN ARGENTINA Jazmín Levitan, Leonx Speranza, Miguel Valdivieso, Pablo Daolio, Emilia Massacesi, Paola Alejandra Castro, Lucio Saralegui, Rodrigo Arena FILMMAKER & EDITOR Lucio Saralegui LIGHTS DESIGN Eduardo Maggiolo TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Carlos Bariggi ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR Paola Alejandra Castro, Elena Fuster

A residency programme developed between Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires and Proximamente – KVS. The project received support from Fondo Metropolitano de las Artes (Buenos Aires Government), el Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentinean National Government) and El Cultural San Martín. The premiere will take place in 2022 at the Buenos Aires International Festival FIBA.