S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’

Franck Chartier / Peeping Tom / KVS
Tue 13.02.2024 - Sat 17.02.2024
  • 13.02.2024
    19:00 - 22:00
    KVS, Brussels
  • 14.02.2024
    20:00 - 22:00
    KVS, Brussels
  • 15.02.2024
    20:00 - 22:00
    KVS, Brussels
  • 16.02.2024
    20:00 - 22:00
    KVS, Brussels
  • 17.02.2024
    20:00 - 22:00
    KVS, Brussels

Peeping Tom draws you into a manipulative trip of apocalyptic proportions in this new dance theatre creation.

The wreck of a sailboat, a vast icy landscape on the background and a crew of hopeless survivors. S
62° 58’, W 60° 39’ starts with an impossible and frightening situation: to survive. To go back to the
life they knew. It is unclear how they got stuck in this predicament. Their GPS coordinates - S 62°
58’, W 60° 39’ – indicate their precise location in the Arctic water of Deception Island. But before
we get any answers, a performer adresses the director. The story falls apart to reveal something
else, a delicate trauma that has fueled the director’s oeuvre. A trauma the performers do not want
to play anymore.

In Franck Chartier’s newest creation, fragility takes center stage. A search for truth and authentic
emotions takes everyone past their limits. The performers lay bare their emotions and lives, but
also fight against the director’s push to go even deeper. After years of sacrifice, willing or forced,
they start to wonder what would happen if they refused. Fiction and reality are ruptured in an
attempt to escape the vicious cycles of violence. Performers try to stage a revolution, an end to
everything, a new beginning. But that might just be another work of fiction.

In a constant rewinding and repeating process of rehearsing trauma, set against an unrelenting
Arctic landscape, S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’ touches on new discussions about what we want to create
on stage in this day and age. Is this the only way we can process our traumas? What poetry do we
want to leave behind? What message? Or should we actually stop creating for once? Should the
director let go of it all?


CONCEPT & REGIE / CONCEPT & MISE EN SCÈNE / CONCEPT & DIRECTION Franck Chartier CREATIE & PERFORMANCE / CRÉATION & INTERPRÉTATION / CREATION & PERFORMANCE Marie Gyselbrecht, Chey Jurado, Lauren Langlois/Yi-Chun Liu, Sam Louwyck, Romeu Runa, Dirk Boelens IIMET DE HULP VAN / AVEC LE SUPPORT DE / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Eurudike De Beul ARTISTIEK ASSISTENT / ASSISTANT·E ARTISTIQUE / ARTISTIC ASSISTANT Yi-Chun Liu, Louis-Clément da Costa SCRIPT ASSISTENT / SCRIPT ASSISTANT Imogen Pickles COMPOSITIE & GELUIDSONTWERP / COMPOSITION & CONCEPTION SONORE / COMPOSITION & SOUND DESIGN Raphaëlle Latini SCENOGRAFIE / SCÉNOGRAPHIE / SCENOGRAPHY Justine Bougerol, Peeping Tom LICHTONTWERP/ CONCEPTION LUMIÈRE / LIGHT DESIGN Tom Visser CHOREOGRAFIE/ CHORÉGRAPHIE / CHOREOGRAPHY Yi-Chun Liu, Peeping Tom KOSTUUMS / COSTUMES Jessica Harkay, Peeping Tom TECHNISCH ASSISTENT / ASSISTANT·E TECHNIQUE / TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Thomas Michaux DECORBOUW / CONSTRUCTION DÉCOR / SET CONSTRUCTION KVS-atelier, Peeping Tom IITECHNISCHE CREATIE EN REKWISIETEN / CRÉATION TECHNIQUE ET ACCESSOIRES / TECHNICAL CREATION AND PROPS Filip Timmerman TOURTECHNICI / TECHNICIENS DE TOUR / TOURING TECHNICIANS Filip Timmermans (stage manager), Clément Michaux (first stage technician), Jo Heijens (sound engineer), Bram Geldhof (light engineer) TECHNISCHE ASSISTENT CREATIE / ASSISTANT DE TECHNIQUE DE LA CRÉATION / TECHNICAL ASSISTANT CREATION Ilias Johri TECHNISCHE COÖRDINATIE / COORDINATION TECHNIQUE / TECHNICAL COORDINATION Giuliana Rienzi SETBOUW / CONSTRUCTION DU DÉCOR / SET CONSTRUCTION KVS-atelier, Peeping Tom IISTAGE / INTERNSHIP Arthur Demaret (licht / lumiére/ light) PRODUCTIELEIDING / DIRECTEUR·RICE DE PRODUCTION / PRODUCTION MANAGER Helena Casas & Rhuwe Verrept IITOURMANAGER Alina Benach Barceló COMMUNICATIEMANAGER / ASSISTANT À LA COMMUNICATION / COMMUNICATION MANAGER Sébastien Parizel, Lena Vercauteren ZAKELIJK LEIDER / DIRECTEUR·EUSE ADMINISTRATIF / GENERAL MANAGER Veerle Mans PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION Peeping Tom COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION KVS – Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (Brussel), Biennale de la Danse (Lyon), Teatros del Canal (Madrid), Théâtre de la Ville (Parijs), The Barbican (London), Tanz Köln, Festival Aperto/Fondazione I Teatri (Reggio Emilia), Torinodanza Festival/Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale (Turijn), Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (Barcelona), Espoo City Theatre, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, CC De Factorij Zaventem. SPREIDING / DIFFUSION / DISTRIBUTION Frans Brood Productions PEEPING TOM WISHES TO THANK Lio Nasser, Leietheater (Deinze) S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’ wordt gecreëerd met de steun van de Tax Shelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid