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Alesandra Seutin

International performer, choreographer and teacher Alesandra Seutin (daughter to South African and Belgian parents) was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. She grew up in Brussels and now lives in London. She studied dance in different parts of the world including Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States. 

'Dance for me is a way of expression and through my work; I intend to speak volume.' 

She holds a Diploma in dance theatre from Laban and a degree in choreography and performance from Middlesex University in London. Alesandra Seutin also further trained at the École des Sables, Senegal and became a student of Germaine Acogny, under Acogny’s training and guidance, Alesandra Seutin has received transmission of her technique. Seutin is a worldwide ambassador of the Acogny technique, which she teaches at Ecole des Sables and globally. 

Since founding her company Vocab Dance in 2007, Alesandra has progressively built an international reputation for creating thought provoking and visually striking performances for small to large-scale theatres as well as non-theatre settings. Her creativity is triggered by issues that address and reflect social, political and economic circumstances and with movement, voice and music she shares stories that induce conversations.

Current works include Giant; an immersive dance meets arts installation duet for black box spaces and gallery spaces and a new group work Boy Breaking Glass, which premiered at Sadler’s Wells, London in October 2018 and Dear Winnie, which toured in Holland and Belgium in 2019-2020. 

Alesandra supports the development of emerging dance artists and was recently a dramaturge and writer for the young dance makers twins Les Mybalés new work À travers l’autre

She also was a Guest Artistic Director for the National Youth Dance Company (NYDC) during 2019-20.

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