Próximamente 2021

Opening portals to Latin-America

22.11.2021 > 28.11.2021

In November 2021 the cream of Latin American performing arts will gather in Brussels for the second time, for the Próximamente festival.
Próximamente means ‘soon/coming soon’. At the same time, it also refers to ‘proximity’. In this unique programme we bring the reality and energy of the Latin American performing arts to Brussels. A window on this region, opened by some of the most relevant festivals, theatres and organisations from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, with whom KVS has been collaborating for some time. New this year is the collaboration with Kaaitheater, who will also show work by the invited artists during Próximamente.
Próximamente is a festival unlike any other. How does it differ from similar initiatives? For Próximamente, different countries work together as if they were a cooperative. No one partner imposes its choices on the others, as was sometimes the case in the past. The partner countries themselves put forward their favourite performances. They select what they consider to be the most fascinating and illustrative work in the region. The result? A series of fantastic names on the programme, such as Josefina Gorostiza, Manuela Infante, Janaina Leite, Amparo González Sola, Las Tesis, Tamara Cubas, Rodrigo Arena, Carolina Bianchi, Preto Amparo, Zahy Guajajara, Diego Echegoyen, Fernando Rubio directing Pitcho Womba Komba, Luis Guenel & Ébana Garín.

And Próximamente is so much more. This festival full of high-profile performances and showcases is an excellent opportunity for professionals from all over Europe to be introduced to up-and-coming talent.

KVS therefore invites numerous dramaturges, programmers, art critics, ... to instigate a rewarding cross-pollination between them and the new urban makers. We are opening a number of these showcases to the public, so that you too can get acquainted with the most surprising artists who are conquering the Latin American stages today. Also new this year, an extension to the festival lets artists show their work in other European countries, so that other Europeans also get to enjoy these innovative creations.

Queridxs amigxs,
© Danny Willems
Queridxs amigxs,
'The coronavirus crisis created a deep gash between editions 1 and 2 of Próximamente. Travelling large distances is questioned more than ever before, even apart from the important health aspect. Now is not the time to close ourselves off from the world. That’s why I, as a fellow European and a member of the Latin American diaspora in Europe, invite you all to this second edition of the Próximamente festival.' (click on the image to read the entire statement)



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